What we did in my Writing and Reporting classes this semester

Met and learned from K-9 officers Molly and Kash (and, uh, their humans).

Learned that I will lose what little chill I have in the presence of dogs.

Interviewed students: about their feelings on Silent Sam and for our Humans of Chapel Hill profiles.

Learned that a lead is not a headline.

Talked about how to write cover letters that would get us noticed for job interviews.

Heard from two international journalists about their work in the Balkans and Poland.

Reiterated that, really, a lead is not a headline.

Learned how to write like a PR professional and a broadcast reporter. (I also learned how to teach this, which was tougher than I expected. Respect.)

Made fact errors. Schmit? -50. It’s Schmidt.

Learned from our fact errors.

Learned one more time: A lead is a full sentence. It’s the first line of your story. It’s the thing that will hook a reader in. It is NOT A HEADLINE.

And learned the most important lesson that a UNC student (journalist or otherwise) can learn: It’s Tar Heels, two words.